Why I Decided to Go With a Granite Kitchen Countertop

Why I Decided to Go With a Granite Kitchen Countertop

There have been lots of things that have been going great in my life recently, most important the new business that I have started. I started out as a regular laborer, but as soon as the opportunity arose for me to start my own laboring business, I took it immediately. Well, things have started to pay off, and I decided that I would reward myself with a high quality kitchen countertop.

When looking at the luxury end of kitchen countertops, you will find that there’s lots of different choices that can be made. I have personally never had the luxury of being able to choose my very own luxury kitchen countertop, so the vast range of choices available to me was simply astounding.

I of course, did my research. I was not going to go ahead and purchase something that wouldn’t be earned this hard earned money that I had never had the pleasure of being able to spend before in my life. Ultimately, I made the choice to go ahead and choose granite as the material for the countertop for my kitchen.

I have always loved granite for some reason or another. I remember that I would have to work in very rich client’s homes, and be really fascinated at the amazing granite workings that they would have installed throughout their home. I was especially amazed by the very expensive granite installations they had in their kitchen. If you didn’t know, a great tip in judging a home’s worth is by looking at its kitchen. Looking at the granite kitchens I witnessed during work, you better bet that these homes were worth a large amount of money.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to afford the extremely high quality, luxury tier granite that these homes were using. I could, get some decent quality granite that looks spectacular and serve me for many years to come, however. This was all that I needed, just some nice quality granite in the kitchen of my home! That’s right – I was actually going to get granite in my home!

I am writing this on the granite kitchen countertop right now. Honestly I have to say that I am so thrilled with being able to have a granite countertop in my very own home. This little entry might be a little personal, but I just wanted to take a break from the advice for a moment and show you all the hard work truly does pay off!

Granite Kitchen Countertop

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I remember it exactly, my girlfriend was screaming at me ‘Quavo get some chairs that are actually useful!’ It’s true, I had been going crazy and doing some DIY chairs at home with my own unique designs and they really weren’t turning out well. I knew that I had to go and buy some chairs that would actually work nicely with the upcoming family gathering that my girlfriend had put together for her relatives that were coming to visit. I needed to get some wooden stacking chairs.

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