The Benefits of Wooden Stacking Chairs

The Wonderful Benefits of Using Wooden Stacking Chairs

I remember it exactly, my girlfriend was screaming at me ‘Quavo get some chairs that are actually useful!’ It’s true, I had been going crazy and doing some DIY chairs at home with my own unique designs and they really weren’t turning out well. I knew that I had to go and buy some chairs that would actually work nicely with the upcoming family gathering that my girlfriend had put together for her relatives that were coming to visit. I needed to get some wooden stacking chairs.

There were about 20 different relatives coming to see us on the following weekend that I received the wonderfully pitched rant from my girlfriend. I knew that I had to find a simple solution to the problem, and that the relatives might not take kindly to sitting on a chair that resembled the head of a goat. Yes, I really was going crazy with my chair ideas when I was left to my own devices.

I really wasn’t looking forward to going down to the shops and buying some chairs. You may know that buying cheap chairs from the local store can often lead to a really bad chair that no-one would ever even dream of sitting on. That’s why I decided that going ahead and creating some wooden stacking chairs would be the greatest idea for the upcoming event with my girlfriend’s relatives.

Here are some great benefits that come with making some DIY wooden stacking chairs for your home.

It’s Really, Really Cheap

If you already have the equipment ready, creating some wooden stacking chairs are probably one of the easiest DIY things you can go ahead and make. Seeing as the chairs are meant to be stackable, you don’t need to create a really heavy and complexly designed chair. Seeing as you don’t need to do anything fancy you simply need to create a chair that is light and simple in design so that it can be stacked on top of each other consecutively.

I had a lot of wood lying around from one of my past projects, and had a nice box of nails that I had been keeping around. I really only need an afternoon or two to create 20 beautiful little stackable chairs that were all made of some nice wood that I had bought from a great wood dealer. I was going to use the wood for a flooring project, but I decided that the biggest priority for the foreseeable future was to simply go ahead and make the chairs. They say happy wife, happy life – I think the same goes for happy girlfriend, happy life.

Overall it only cost me a few dimes and a couple hours of my time to create some magnificent wooden stacking chairs. The overall effort was much cheaper than buying some bad plastic ones that are often sold at major retailers.

Lots of Space is Saved

I think the main benefit of getting stackable chairs is that they simply can be used to save a significant amount of space. Imagine that I had made 20 normal chairs that were about the size of an armchair. Imagine how much room I would have had to allocate to the chairs just so I could contain them inside my house. If I had many anymore they would have started to run away from home!

stackable wooden chairsThe true beauty of going and buying or creating stackable chairs is that they only take such a small amount of space and yet they are able to fill out a significant amount of space when they are un-stacked. This is why it was such an amazing choice for our upcoming event. I don’t have much space in the backyard, however I do have a nice chunk of space in the garage. Thus, I went ahead and made the chairs and just stacked them into a really nice cozy area of the garage where it won’t get in the way of anything. You could probably put two armchairs in the area that the twenty stackable chairs are taking up in my garage.

That’s the reason why wooden stackable chairs are so amazing for so many different occasions. If you’re looking to save a lot of money or save a lot of space, you know what the choice is when it comes to chairs.

Investing in Custom Office Chairs is the Best Decision You Can Make

Why You Should Invest In Getting Custom Office Chairs

Sometimes during work many people opt to sacrifice their health for the greater paycheck. It’s true, you’ll see it all around the world where many people are overworking themselves and disregarding their health in an avid fight for that next promotion. I myself have also been guilty of this, I remember working out for over 14 hours a day out in the field just so I could spend more time impressing my boss. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t go the extra mile for our careers, but we should also try and make that extra mile as compatible as possible in preserving our good health. You can do so by getting some custom office chairs.

Getting custom chairs for your work area may be one of the most important decisions you make in regards to your workplace health and well-being. If you stay using a horrible posture while working, you very well may end up with serious back problems in decades to come. If you have never had serious back pain, you won’t be able to understand the debilitating pain and discomfort that comes with it. A friend described the feeling as getting stabbed by a needle at every twist – ouch. What’s the point of getting that big promotion if you end up resigning due to back problems caused by many years of sitting on an incompatible office chair. This is why you really need to get custom office chairs so you can create an office chair that will be completely compatible with your body type.

custom office chairsBy getting an office chair which is made to order to your very own body measurements, you will find that you will be much more comfortable at work. In addition, you will be thankful in years down the line as coworkers fall to back problems, you will still be able to bend, twist and run with ease. All it takes of course is a little bit of effort at the start to get a custom chair made for you. However, by looking at the details I have already presented, it’s pretty easy to see why it’s worth going and making the slight bit of effort for the chair.

The chairs itself aren’t even that expensive. Like I said, the initial investment in getting custom office chairs vastly outweighs the negative aspects of not doing so. On a side note, getting a kneeling chair may be just as beneficial for your work comfort and future health.

There are so many ways to go about getting a better experience at work as well as making sure that your future back health will be in good check. There is no excuse not to heed these words and secure yourself a better future!

There you have it, a few completely logical and reasonable reasons as to why you need to get yourself a custom chair. Custom chairs are the way to get to help your well-being at the office tomorrow as well as your well-being in general for many years to come.

What They Don’t Tell You About Designer Kitchen Showrooms

What You Should Expect to See from The Best Designer Kitchen Showrooms

When looking for better kitchen designs you may be left wondering as to exactly what you will see. I have heard it many times, people go and look at designer kitchen showrooms and then realize that their current idea for a kitchen is horrible compared to what they are seeing. Designer showrooms can be deceiving in many ways as they show something which is often too expensive for the average budget as well as being something which has been creating purely for looks. Most designer kitchens are actually impractical if you think about it. One of the hottest trends in designer kitchens at the moment is using wood flooring.

designer kitchen showroomI have actually spent many years creating kitchen showrooms for places from department stores, homes to businesses related to real estate. I have made the most glamorous of kitchens to the most ‘modest’ purely for the purpose of viewing and to peak the attention of the viewer. Because, that’s what they really are. These kitchens are not there to show you the possibilities of a kitchen, but to garner your attention so that the shop may sell you something either related to the showroom or any type of service which they will happily coax you into finding extremely valuable. That is just the name of business.

However, with all the work I have done with designer kitchen showrooms I have come up with a few of the best ideas they have presented. These ideas of course are not even expensive in the slightest, I have simply hand-picked the best designs from designer kitchen showrooms to create something which is not only impressive, but also practical. I have even used my knowledge to create my own wonderful kitchen in my own home for my family. I can tell you that learning the tricks of the trade, as well as having extensive knowledge in the difference between a real kitchen and a showroom kitchen has helped me immensely.

One of the most eye brow raising yet practical applications you can have for your kitchen is glass block windows. I have read up around the web from other home improvement designers as well as contractors that glass block used in the kitchen is a great idea. Glass block is such a majestic material which also exudes an aura of luxury. In addition, to all of the lights used in the kitchen such as stove lights, these lights are beautifully reflected off the glass frame creating a really pretty light show for the kitchen. A light show which is calmly pretty without being intrusive nor annoying. It’s truly one of the best things you can have installed in your kitchen. Not many people utilize it either, which makes it an even better choice. I have many other great ideas, but I will leave other articles on the website to name them.

Hopefully you now know a few of the many little tricks they use in kitchen showrooms to impress you. On top of that, you’ve found out a great way to utilize these tricks for great practicality and wow factor for your own kitchen.

Why You Need to Use a Wood Kneeling Chair

Why You Need to Start Using a Wood Kneeling Chair for Your Office

I have been blessed by not being involved in office work. I have been a handyman and contractor even since I was in my late teens. Thus, I sympathize with anyone who has to sit in front of a computer or desk for hours on end. I have heard and experienced first-hand that sitting that long can cause lots of stiffness, pain and cause lots of discomfort. This is why I highly recommend anyone to go and use a wood kneeling chair if they have a job that requires them to sit for prolonged periods.

It’s All About the Posture

The root cause for all the pain and discomfort felt in the office is due to bad posture. I am not talking about simple slouching forward. If you experience office pain you will realize that it is a lot more complex than simply bending the wrong way that causes you so much pain. Yes, there is so much more to the eye when it comes to discomfort from prolonged sitting.
Posture does not just mean slouching, it takes into account a myriad of different factors which are done while sitting done. This includes any type of body movement which could cause any sort of unwanted pressure on your body. The sad fact about this is that it is very complex, and we usually can’t really control most of it. The body simply was not made to sit down for hours on end. I have had friends who are contractors who have lots of trouble with their back due to not utilizing proper chairs.

However, there is a solution, and that solution is to use a kneeling chair. A kneeling chair works perfectly by fixing the posture of the seated person so that the pressure is dispersed evenly throughout the body. This negates many of the built up pressure felt amongst office workers which causes their discomfort and pain. The kneeling chair is a simply ingenious idea which will leave you feeling absolutely refreshed whenever you’re working at the office. It also makes your abdominal stronger, thus it provides a bit of a lit workout for yourself while your even at work. Burning a little bit of calories certainly never hurt anyone.

The best choice for going with such a kneeling chair would be to go with the wood option. As I have mentioned in past articles, wood is absolutely great for the environment. In addition, wood will allow for a much clean and more pretty look to the eye. Wood is also much lighter than metal and will allow you to carry around the chair much more easily than something made out of heavy alloys. You can even get the kneeling chair made in great woods such as bamboo, it will make you feel like a Zen master while your filling out some reports for the boss.

Overall, it is easy to see why a wood kneeling chair is such a great investment for anyone who works for prolonged periods of time at an office or desk. It’s time to get rid of all that unnecessary discomfort and pain.

The Benefits of Heating Your Home with Wood

The Numerous Positives that come with Heating your home with Wood

It has come to my attention that wood has been getting pretty bad rep these days due to environmental issues. It’s true that wood can certainly damage environments and ecosystems if they are not farmed properly. However, in a flip side they are also beneficial to the environment if they are used properly. In addition, heating your home with wood is one of most humbling pleasures anyone can experience in their home. Interested? Let me explain you the complex argument for wood.

heating your home with woodWood that has been harvested from plantations which have been recklessly destroyed are of absolute horrific consequence to any ecosystem. This goes for the many areas in the Amazon and South America. However, many people seem to focus on this aspect far too much. People don’t realize that the wood that is being produced in these little areas are usually the lowest of quality wood. The type of wood harvested here will not incur any sort of high price which will equate to it having quite low value.

Wood that has been harvested properly is actually beneficial to the environment. It does not take a genius to figure this out. If we stop using wood, what shall we use? The answer is simply synthetics. Synthetics are made using heavily industrial processes in huge refinement and production plants all over the world. The pollution these plants produce are probably one of the leading causes to the climate change we are experience at the moment. If we rely on artificial materials for all of our needs, we will soon realize that we will become dependent on man made goods and will become less grounded to the nature around us. Besides, there is nothing artificial that could replicate the charm of a beautiful piece of maple wood.

Thus if you’re think of heating your home through wood, you are doing the environment more good than bad. By using natural heating you are negating using the heater or any electrical appliance, which is powered by either nuclear or coal power – both of which is much worse than burning wood. Heating through wood also produces a very lovely and calming aroma around the house of wood. This can be amplified if you choose to burn a particular type of wood that has a distinct aroma, such as pine. Aromatherapy often work with wood scents, and it’s no wonder why – it’s absolutely divine. Thus, there is no shame in burning a few pieces of wood in the fireplace, in fact, I recommend it!

The Great Uses of Outdoor Wood Furniture

The Many Great Uses of Outdoor Wood Furniture

There are so many great uses around for outdoor wood furniture. I absolutely love the great versatility that comes with using wood furniture. It’s such a versatile article of furniture that it can replicate and adapt to any environment that it is placed in. I have worked many times with wood furniture, whether it be installing it, designing it, and putting it all together. I like to think that I know a thing or two about the subject.

Anyway, I thought I would write something up for you guys on the many great uses I have noted for outdoor wood furniture. As you might imagine, there really is quite a lot of stuff out there that can be complimented with wood. Thus, this adaptability makes up for uses you probably didn’t even know could be done with wood furniture. So, saddle up and get ready to learn a something from the one and only Quavo.

Right Next to the Fire

outdoor wood furnitureOne of the most natural and under-utilized settings for some great wood furniture outdoors is that of furniture next to an outdoor fire. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking about the numerous fire dangers that could arise from doing such a thing. Yes, wood is very flammable and it can turn into a bunch of coals if you aren’t careful. However, when it comes to properly coated and lacquered wood furniture you will find that it is pretty fire resistant.

If you look at the many wood flooring articles at Ace Adam, you will notice that there definitely is many different wood flooring types which can make or break a room. That’s correct, some wood types blend perfectly with a certain room to make it look much more beautiful. Such flooring as oak flooring have been known to wonderfully blend with any environment.

Obviously, if you light a huge flame and place it next to the furniture it will burn sooner or later. Although, this will be the case for almost any kind furniture you could place next to an open fire. You probably think that a small light, such as that from a lighter or a little flame such as that from a stove could cause a huge fire with properly conditioned wood furniture. This is definitely not true at all, like I have said, if you properly lacquer and coat wood you will realize that it is going to take more than a little flame for it to go up in flames.

So thus, you can see that I highly recommend utilizing wood chairs or wood mats next to an open fire in the backyard. You will be able to enjoy the subtle warmness and coziness produced by the wood thanks to the heat, perfect for cold winter nights. It also opens up the possibility for some social interactions, sitting around the open fire in your wooden seats sharing stories of long ago. Sounds like a great time.

Furniture Sculptures

wood chairThis is a recently emerging trend where you get a sculpture which is also a sculpture, yet also a piece of furniture. If you have ever had a dream of a purely utilitarian and practical use of art, you have come to the right place if you purchase some furniture sculptures, especially if they are made out of wood.

I had a client who had placed many wonderful wooden sculptures around his large back yard. It was very interesting, it was like seeing all of these little creatures and manifestations living in the backyard. Some were small, some were large and some downright looked like they were real living creatures. It was absolutely clever and they also were practical.

Yes, these sculptures although they looked like they were purely there for aesthetics, were actually pieces of furniture as well. The wooden bull sculpture worked also as a large couch to be sat on by guests and family. The small little abstract sculptures were a marvel to look at, however they were also great wooden seats that could be sat on at anyone’s leisure. It truly was an ingenious design. I would definitely recommend anyone look into buying such sculpture furniture.

Don’t Forget the Flooring

Lastly, you’ll probably be surprised to know that there is a world of wooden flooring out there. Many people fall into believing that wooden flooring only goes under a certain type of wood which is neither vibrant nor fancy to look at.

There are so many wood types, it would be a shame to miss up the opportunity on getting the perfect wood flooring for your home. There really is something to suit anyone’s needs, there are over 1000 different types of wood being used in the home improvement industry. That’s like 1000 different personalities which could be used to extenuate your home.